Thursday, April 17

Mayhem meets his match.

With barely a sound to announce her presence,  she sprung gently onto the windowsill where Mayhem was quietly napping, enjoying the warm sunlight on his face.

His eyes opened into narrow slits, then widened into brilliant green ovals when he realized that  settling down beside him was the most stunning girl cat he had ever seen.  Bonjour, monsieur, she whispered as she wrapped herself into a compact bundle encircled by a very expressive tail.   Mon nom est Murmure. Parlez-vous français? (My name is Murmure.  Do you speak French?)  Of course Mayhem didn't understand a single word of French, but somehow it didn't matter.  He found himself gazing into her golden almond shaped eyes and hoping she would speak again.  She did, saying Ce n'est pas un problème. Nous allons continuer notre conversation dans la langue connue de tous les chats, peu importe leurs origins.  (This is not a problem, we will talk together in the secret language of all cats, regardless of their origins) Naturally, this was wonderful news for Mayhem, and from that point on, they found themselves able to understand each other perfectly.

We are known as the Chartreaux, she continued,  we are uncommon cats who have been granted many unusual gifts from our Creator, including foresight and great intuition.  We live in small colonies near villages in the French countryside.  This morning we realize our colony is greatly honoured with a visit from a brave young warrior cat, who brings an injured human in great peril, to the village.  Are you that cat?  You must be, as you are unlike all others here.  Welcome.

Mayhem, to his credit, did not think of himself as brave or a warrior at all.  He was simply doing what any cat would do for a human he loved.  He was finding Fred a save place to stay while his injuries mended.  BUT,  if Murmure wanted to think he was brave… and a warrior… then that was okay with Mayhem.

Come with me, Murmure purred, we will get you something to eat as I can tell you are hungry after your long journey and then I will introduce you to my family and the rest of the colony.   That sounded brilliant to Mayhem, so he bounded off the window ledge and ran quickly after Murmure as she darted across the field towards Chloe was was once again settled on her stool  to finish milking the cows.